What’s the point of it all……

I don’t know why I’m here, I am just one of millions, if I fall there will be another to replace me.

I am replaceable, but not reusable.

What. The. Fuck. Is. The. Point.


I can’t believe it happened.
But it did.
I can’t believe you did this.
But you did.
I can’t believe it’s been a year.
But it has been.
I can’t believe what has changed.
But it has.
I can’t believe it’s over.
But it is.
I can’t believe I survived.
But I did.
Believe it or not, what is done is done.
You taught me to always believe.
Believe bad things can happen.
Because they will.
Believe people I love can hurt me.
Because they will.
Believe time will never slow down.
Because it won’t.
Believe things will always change.
Because they will.
Believe things will come to an end.
Because they do.
But most of all….
Believe that I will always survive.
Because I will.
Believe it or not, what is done is done.
But I am still here.




- I don’t know the original source/artist/poet. Found it on net and sharing. 

the poem is by merrill glass and this is the source for the art!!


That’s real love. Stayung together and working on it no matter what. Most people aren’t strong enough though. When things get hard or change they leave. They always leave.

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Frolicking in the autumn leaves, this little lion cub is having the time of her life as she excitedly plays in her enclosure.

Tiny cub Karis proved she’s not too dissimilar to human children as she threw herself into the pile of golden leaves carefully collected by her keepers, even ending up with a pile on her head.

Staff at the Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling, Scotland, had been raking up the leaves to keep the attraction tidy, when Karis’s keeper Brian Reid realised that his little charge might enjoy playing in them and moved the pile into her enclosure.

Via Daily Mail

And then….. I died.

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I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.
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………. Hahahahahaha ha

………. Hahahahahaha ha

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Got my hurr did! Thank you @roxyemiles I loves it! Best.cousin.ever!!!

Got my hurr did! Thank you @roxyemiles I loves it! Best.cousin.ever!!!